About Me!

This is me! (while slacking off)

My Background

  • +10 years of coding 🤖
  • Full-Stack developer, using Node, Socket.io, MongoDB and React/Redux in a daily basis.
  • Fluent in JavaScript and Web ecosystem. Experience with many other languages including Java, Python, C++ and PHP
  • Interested in TypeScript, Gatsby and GraphQL.
  • Developed for web early back in 2004, spent 4 years in Game industry, didn’t like it much 😬
  • Living in Malaysia for three years, it’s amazing here!
  • Learning about serverless, dev-ops and blockchain 🚀 technologies …


  • Busy.org - Decentralized Social Network for Steem (open source)
  • Steem Bot - Automation on top of Steem blockchain (open source)
  • Shoutit - Social marketplace (open source now after shut down)
  • Symprio AI - Artificial Intelligent enhanced Chatbots for customer support (closed source)
  • +7 years of enterprise Web & Mobile app development

Get to know me better

Best way to contact me?

Drop me an email to p0oker@pm.me (first o is a zero!)